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ZerUP - Frankys Bakery

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Köstlicher Sirup mit traditionellem amerikanischem Sirup Geschmack – aber völlig ohne Zucker und fast frei von Kalorien

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3,11 €

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Delicious syrup with the traditional American taste - completely free from sugar and almost free of calories

What would pancakes, ice cream, freshly baked waffles or all those other delicacies be without a dash of delicious, sweet syrup with the typical traditional American taste? We've been in business since 1954 and for us delicious syrup simply belongs to many of our delicacies. Of course, since 1954 times and preferences have changed.

While in the past the taste was all that was important, today for many people a healthy diet with no sugar and no unnecessary fat is more important than taste. If you are after a healthy, sporty and toned body, this development is of course highly desirable. But do you really have to choose between a healthy diet / an attractive body development and full enjoyment of food?

Does healthy always have to be synonymous with compromises in taste? Probably you would answer this question based on your previous experiences with "yes" ...

We see this differently. For us the full and true traditional taste is very important. But why shouldn’t it be possible to live and eat healthy AND still enjoy the delicious taste of the good old days? Our delicious Zerup makes this possible! We've used our decades of experience to create a delicious syrup that tastes the way you would expect it from a sweet, creamy syrup of the good old days. What sets Zerup apart from other delicious syrups is the fact, that it is virtually calorie free and also free from potentially unhealthy ingredients.

With Zerup, pancakes, ice cream, waffles and other treats will taste as good as they used to taste in the good old days - but without flooding your body with enormous amounts of sugar. Of course, Zerup also fits perfectly with protein pancakes and other healthy goodies. And to make sure that you will find the perfect flavor refinement for every dish, there are 19 different flavours available. Zerup - the delicious taste of the good old days with all the benefits of a modern healthy diet.

Frankys Bakery - traditional taste since 1954!

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Zerup - Frankys Bakery

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