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Profit of the power of our highly concentrated EAA Blend to provide your muscles before, during, and after your workouts

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B.A.M. Elite EAA

Profit of the power of our highly concentrated EAA Blend to provide your muscles before, during, and after your workouts with all they need for maximum gains of strength and rock-solid, defined muscle mass and prevent any catabolic muscle breakdown even during the toughest and strictest diet and contest preparation!

Product highlights

  • Maximum stimulation of your body’s protein synthesis post workout thanks to a maximum activation of the mTOR pathway by l-leucine
  • Provides your muscles with all the essential amino acids needed for growth and repair
  • Effectively counteracts any catabolic muscle breakdown that is virtually unavoidable during brutal workouts, helping you to achieve an anabolic environment as fast as possible after your workouts
  • Maximum acceleration of your recovery after hard and brutal workouts
  • Can protect you from a catabolic muscle breakdown even during the most rigorous dieting or contest preparation
  • Provides maximum amounts of essential amino acids needed for growth, maintenance and repair of your muscles with minimal calories
  • Contains high doses of all 3 BCAAs
  • Is not only superior to pure BCAAs, but also to whey protein
  • Optimal ratio of the contained essential amino acids, specifically tailored to the needs of your muscles
  • Very fast absorption for the fastest possible supply of your hungry muscles with amino acids
  • Enjoy a deliciously flavoured, refreshing drink instead of the sandy pulp that you are used to from ordinary amino acid powder

Stop the endless discussion about whether BCAAs or whey protein is better for consumption before, during and after your workout - use what is vastly superior to both instead: B.A.M. Elite EAA!

We do not know about you, but we are tired of those annoying debates about whether BCAAs really are useless and whether whey protein is really all you need in every situation for maximum gains of mass and strength and the fastest possible post-workout recovery.

If you feel the same, we have good news for you: the truth is that both –BCAAs and whey protein - have their pros and cons - but there is something that combines the benefits of BCAAs and whey protein, without having their disadvantages and this something is called Elite EAA.

What benefits does Elite EAA have before, during, and post-workout?

During any hard and intense workout, a catabolic degradation of muscle protein will inevitably occur, before this catabolic environment will eventually shift towards an anabolic environment that will result in repair and growth of your muscles after exercise. Because of this any workout will always mean taking one step backwards to take two steps forward afterwards.

However, by providing your muscles with Elite EAA before, during and post workout, you can not only minimize this muscle loss, but at the same time also speed up the generation of an anabolic environment post workout. Because of this, your body will begin much faster with repairing your damaged muscles and building new muscle tissue. And this will not only mean that you will build more mass and strength faster, but also that you will be ready for the next brutal workout and the next growth stimulus much sooner.

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Recommended daily intake Dissolve 15g powder in 300 to 500 ml water and drink it. 2 scoops equate 15g.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children!

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