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GN DAA Polyhydrate A new era of D-aspartic acid based hormone boosters has begun!

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GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate A new era of D-aspartic acid based hormone boosters has begun!


Product highlights:


  • Increases the natural testosterone levels by more than 40% within just a couple of days
  • Contains D-aspartic acid – the most effective currently available testosterone booster
  • Accelerates skeletal muscle hypertrophy
  • Boosts muscular strength and endurance
  • Turbo-charges post-workout regeneration
  • Amplifies both physical and sexual performance
  • Prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue
  • Powered by the synergy between D-aspartic acid and N,N-Dimethylglycine
  • Contains a unique combination of probiotic bacteria and acid buffers to increase its bioavailability
  • 100% natural and free of hazardous side effects


What is D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is one of the most innovative and potent supplement ingredients to hit the market in the last decade. Moreover, it is one of the few scientifically established hormone boosters with randomized controlled human studies to back its efficacy – studies that were conducted on healthy men with normal levels of muscle building hormones at baseline; not on rodents or cell lines in a petri dish!
D-aspartic acid occurs naturally in very low amounts in foods like soy protein or casein. In the human body it accumulates in the pituitary, the hypothalamus and the testes – exactly those organs that are responsible for the production of endogenous muscle building hormones.
Several peer-reviewed scientific papers were able to show that the provision of 3g of d-aspartic acid is able to increase the  levels of muscle building hormones of healthy men whose levels of muscle building hormones had been in the normal range at the beginning of the study, by an average of 42% - and that within only 12 days of supplementation (1, 2). The scientists believe that this profound increase in the levels of muscle building hormones goes back to the stimulating effect of d-aspartic acid on the production of the fertility hormones LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone; 3,4). LH and FSH are responsible for the regulation of the production of sperm and muscle building hormones in the gonads, with increases in LH having a direct stimulatory effect on the testicular production of the male sexual hormone.
This is yet more: D-aspartic acid has also been found to produce significant increases in neurotransmitter levels. It will increase the amount of the levels of certain neurotransmitters (6) and will thus exert beneficial “nootropic” effects on your cognitive function (keyword: brain doping). We do also know from pertinent rodent studies, that the provision of D-aspartic acid will produce relevant muscle building hormones (5). And despite the fact that the significance of results from rodent studies will always remain questionable, the mechanisms that are involved in the GH boosting effects in rats are essentially identical in human beings, so that we can safely assume identical, or at least similar increases in GH in men, as well.
Devoted trainees will also be happy to hear that D-aspartic acid can increase the production of nitric oxide. The latter will not only increase the pump you’re going to be experiencing during your workouts, it will also result in increased vasodilation and oxygenation of the musculature and an improved influx of anabolic hormones, molecules and nutrients into your muscles (6).
As you can see d-aspartic acid is one of the most versatile ergogenic agents that’s currently available. It is useful for both strength trainees and bodybuilders, and every gymrat who is looking for a decent boost in levels of muscle building hormones. And what’s best, it is 100% side effect free. In fact, researchers were able to show only recently that the consumption of high amounts of d-aspartic acid for 90 days does not entail any undesirable health effects (2). D-aspartic acid is not suppressive and there is no need to be afraid that your levels of muscle buildinng hormones could drop once you stop taking GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate. In the worst case you will fall back to the levels you had before you started supplementing, a “shut-down” of the hormonal production as it is often observed in androgen steroid users is not just unlikely, it is 100% impossible. In view of what you’ve learned about d-aspartic acid in the previous paragraphs, you will understand that it is no coincidence that it has rapidly become one of the most popular agents on the sports supplements market. From a monetary point of view, it would thus not even have been necessary for us to come up with a unique product like DAA Polyhydrate to claim our share of this rapidly growing market. Producing “yet another d-aspartic acid product” is however not what we were interested in. Our goal here at GN Laboratories has always been to provide you, our loyal customers, with the best products your money can buy! GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate is the latest incarnation of this philosophy and probably the most potent d-aspartic acid product that’s currently available.


What exactly is the difference between DAA Polyhdrate and the other d-aspartic acid products on the market?

The first and most important difference between DAA Polyhdrate and most of the other products you will see on the virtual and real shelves of the supplement outlets is the amount of d-aspartic acid per serving. Instead of using just enough d-aspartic acid to have it in one of the first positions on the ingredient label, each and every serving of GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate contains 2.8g of pure d-aspartic acid. The exact amount of the active ingredient that has been shown in peer-reviewed scientific studies to boost the levels of muscle building hormones levels of healthy men by 40%!
It goes without saying that there are other d-aspartic acid products out there which contain similar amounts of the levels of muscle building hormones boosting amino acid. It is yet also a matter of fact that the bioavailability of these products does not come close to what DAA Polyhydrate has to offer. In view of the fact that they contain the same active ingredient, this claim may initially appear highly questionable. With its additional ingredients, GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate is yet multiple times more bioavailable than any other d-aspartic acid product out there.



If you want to understand how N,N-Dimethylglycine potentiates the effects of d-aspartic acid on the production of muscle building hormones, you need some basic knowledge about the way the N-Methyl D-Aspartate receptor (NMDA) works. When it is activated by d-aspartic acid the hypothalamus will release GnRH. GnRH provokes the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the pituitary and the latter promotes the production of muscle building hormones in the testes. While a full understanding of all the intricate details of this process are not really important, it is imperative to remember that it is the interaction between D-aspartic acid and the NMDA receptor in the brain which triggers the increase in the production of muscle building hormones.
One thing that is special about the NMDA receptor is that its activation requires both d-aspartic acid and glycine. Whether and to which degree DAA works does therefore intricately depend on the presence of adequate amounts of glycine. Or, put differently: If there is not enough glycine to facilitate the activation of the NMDA receptors, d-aspartic acid won’t be able to work its hormone boosting magic. You are now probably going to ask yourselves, whether it would not be easy to ingest sufficient amounts of glycine with your food; and if that’s not the case, whether it would not suffice to ingest a couple of teaspoons of supplemental glycine from one of the bulk supplement outlets on the internet. Well, despite the fact that this would be perfectly logical, there is a problem with the provision of glycine in its regular form. Unlike methylated glycine (e.g. sarcosine) the reuptake of regular glycine by the brain is so rapid that there is not enough time to trigger the desired signaling cascades.
This is where N,N-Methylglyicine excels. Scientific studies have shown that methylated forms of glycine don’t just have a very high affinity for the NMDA receptor, but also inhibit their own reuptake (7). Researchers have also discovered that the provision of methylated glycine can significantly increase the baseline activity of the NMDA receptor and will thus amplify the effect of d-aspartic acid on the testicular production of muscle building hormones.
The take home message is thus that the addition of methylated glycine in the form of N,N-dimethylglycine, i.e. a glycine molecule with two methyl-chains, will promote the testosterone boosting effects of d-aspartic acid and is thus one of the unique ingredients in GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate that’s responsible for its superior potency.


The DAA Polyhydrate acid buffer

Despite the fact that the presence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is necessary to digest proteins and kill pathogenic bacteria, it will also reduce the bioavailability of many of the food-derived amino acid complexes. The latter simply fall apart in the highly acidic milieu of the stomach and will thus lose their original function.
By using GN Laboratories patented acid buffering system, of which many of you will already have benefited, whence they were using one of our blockbuster supplements Creatine Polyhydrate or Glutamine Polyhydrate, we were able to ensure an optimal bioavailability of the amino acid compounds in DAA Polyhydrate.


The probiotic bacteria matrix

The latest research indicates that probiotic bacteria will increase the uptake and bioavailability of amino acids from the digestive tract by up to 20%. It was thus totally obvious to use our specifically formulated blend of Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Casai to maximize the uptake of d-aspartic acid and N,N-methylglycine from DAA Polyhydrate and make an already superior amino acid formula even more effective.
In their natural form, probiotic bacteria are very susceptible to all sorts of environmental influences. Therefore the probiotics in DAA Polyhydrate have all been micro-encapsulated to ensure that the bacteria survive the passage through the digestive tract, instead of being degraded in the acidic milieu of the stomach, already.


What does all that mean for bodybuilders and strength athletes?

In view of the fact that the primary male hormone is probably the most important anabolic hormone in the human body and thus responsible for the mass and strength gains bodybuilders and weight lifters are striving for, the potent hormone boosting effects of DAA are going to have a direct effect on your training results.
DAA Polyhydrate is going to help you to train longer and more intense. It will help you to recover faster and forestall diet or training induced catabolism of muscle tissue. In short, it will promote your strength and mass gains like no other natural agent you’ve been using before.
Due to the nutrient repartitioning effects of muscle building hormones GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate will also promote an optimal supply of proteins and carbohydrates to the trained musculature and thus ensure that the energy from this potent muscle food won’t get stored in the form of useless and highly unaesthetic body fat.
The muscle and strength building effects of the testosterone boost you are going to experience, when you are using GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate, will go hand in hand with increases in the production of muscle building hormones and nitric oxide and the consequent improvements in vasodilation, will boost the supply of anabolic hormones, nutrients and oxygen to the musculature.
Users of anabolic steroids and similar hormone-based products which have the nasty tendency to suppress the endogenous production of muscle building hormones production can use GN Laboratory’s latest innovation to kickstart their natural production of muscle building hormones production at the end of a cycle. In these circumstances, GN Laboratories DAA Polyhydrate will help to kickstart the previously suppressed natural natural hormone production and maximize the retention of the hard-earned muscle tissue, the AAS users have been building in the weeks before.
Needless to say that DAA Polyhydrate will also prevent the reduction of the levels of muscle building hormones and the corresponding increase in the catabolic hormone cortisol on a cut and can thus forestall the dreaded catabolic effects of hypocaloric diets.
And lastly, we shouldn’t forget that DAA Polyhydrate will also counter the natural decline in hormone levels that begins at the age of 25. This creeping loss of muscle building hormones is not just a major obstacle to the accumulation of new muscle tissue; it will also precipitate the catabolism of the lean mass you already have.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest, highest grade ingredients the market has to offer. To ensure the constant quality of all our products, we conduct regular laboratory tests to ensure the purity and quality of all ingredients.


Aspartic Acid


ist eine nicht essentielle Aminosäure. Es kann bei Tieren und besonders in Zuckerrohr und Zuckerrüben gefunden werden. Asparaginsäure hilft den Körper das schädliche Ammoniak zu beseitigen. Wenn das Ammoniak in das zirkulierende System der Körper eindringt, fungiert es wie eine giftige Substanz, die das Zentralnervensystem schädigen kann. Neue Studien zeigen, dass die Asparaginsäure den Widerstand zur Ermüdung und Ausdauer erhöhen kann. Wissenschaftliche Forschungen bestätigen eine Steigerung der Energie, Durchhaltevermögen, Ausdauer und die Überwindung von den Nebenwirkungen eines Drogenentzugs. Asparaginsäure ist auch für die Gehirnstörungen vorteilhaft und unterstützt die Behandlung von chronischer Müdigkeit. Obwohl Asparaginsäure als eine nicht essentielle Aminosäure gilt, spielt sie auch eine Hauptrolle im Metabolismus.
Asparaginsäure erhöht das Stamina. Niedrige Werte der Asparaginsäure können chronische Ermüdungen verursachen, weil sie zu einer gesenkten zellularen Energie führen.

D Aspartic Acid

Was ist D-Aspartic-Acid (D-Asparaginsäure)?

Bei D-Asparaginsäure, die im Supplementbereich besser unter ihrem englischen Namen D-Aspartic-Acid bekannt ist, handelt es sich um eine natürlich im menschlichen Körper vorkommende D-Aminosäure, die auch in einigen Nahrungsmitteln wie Sojaprotein oder Kasein in Spuren enthalten ist. Im menschlichen Körper ist die Konzentration von D-Asparaginsäure in den Gewebetypen am höchsten, die für die Anregung der Testosteronproduktion, sowie die eigentliche Produktion von Testosteron verantwortlich sind. Dies sind die Hypophyse, der Hypothalamus und die Hoden.


Wie wirkt D-Asparaginsäure?

Eine wachsende Anzahl von wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen unterstützt die Rolle unterschiedlicher biochemischer Verbindungen bei der Regulierung der Testosteronspiegel. D-Aminosäuren weisen eine andere Molekularform als L-Aminosäuren auf, von denen man früher angenommen hatte, dass sie die einzigen natürlich vorkommenden Aminosäuren sind. L-Aminosäuren werden durch  Enzyme, die als Racemasen bezeichnet werden, in ihre D-Form umgewandelt.

Wissenschaftler haben herausgefunden, dass D-Aminosäuren – und insbesondere D-Asparaginsäure (DAA) – wichtige Rollen im Bereich des neurologischen und des endokrinologischen Systems spielen. D-Asparaginsäure (DAA) wird von den Nervenenden ausgeschüttet, um die cAMP Spiegel zu erhöhen und hierdurch die Neurotransmission zu regulieren. Im endokrinen System bildet DAA den Vorläuferstoff für N-Methyl-D-Aspartat (NMDA), welcher die Ausschüttung des Gonadotropin Releasing Hormons (GnRH) durch den Hypothalamus induziert. GnRH regt dann die vordere Hypophyse dazu an, das Luteinizing Hormon (LH) zu produzieren, welches seinerseits an spezifischen Leydig Zellen der Hoden agiert, um letztendlich die Testosteronausschüttung zu erhöhen.

Wissenschaftliche Studien konnten zeigen, dass eine orale Gabe von etwa 3 Gramm D-Asparaginsäure die Testosteronspiegel bei gesunden jungen Männern mit natürlichen Testosteronspiegeln, die sich im normalen physiologischen Bereich befanden, innerhalb von lediglich 12 Tagen um durchschnittlich 42% erhöhen konnte.

Testosteron ist das für die Ausprägung der maskulinen Charakteristika mit Abstand wichtigste Hormon. Im Bereich des Bodybuildings konzentriert man sich häufig auf eine Erhöhung der Testosteronspiegel, um hierdurch das Muskelwachstum anzuregen und eine gesteigerte Muskelmasse und Kraft zu erreichen. Androgenrezeptoren im Muskelgewebe und im Zellkern der Muskelzellen ermöglichen es Testosteron, seine anabole Wirkung zu entfalten. Dies hat sich zu einem wichtigen Faktor für die Verwendung anaboler Steroide entwickelt, die jedoch die Gesundheit schädigen und ernsthafte Nebenwirkungen besitzen können. Die Verwendung von D-Asparaginsäure könnte eine sinnvolle, wenn auch nicht ganz so wirkungsstarke Alternative darstellen, die einerseits den Muskelaufbau durch erhöhte körpereigene Testosteronspiegel beschleunigt und andererseits nicht die Gesundheitsrisiken und potentiellen Nebenwirkungen von anabolen Steroiden mit sich bringt.



Auch wenn die Einnahmeempfehlung von Hersteller zu Hersteller und Präparat zu Präparat variieren kann, liegt die allgemeine Dosierungsempfehlung bei 3 Gramm DAA pro Tag. An Trainingstagen sollte diese Dosis etwa 45 Minuten vor dem Training und an trainingsfreien Tagen als Erstes morgens oder als Letztes abends auch nüchternen Magen eingenommen werden.



Die Entdeckung von DAA scheint eine brauchbare Alternative zu Steroiden oder anderen leistungssteigernden Pharmazeutika zur Verfügung zu stellen. Auch wenn die wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen mit DAA noch keine abschließenden Resultate geliefert haben und weitere detailliertere Studien benötigt werden, hat sich DAA als sehr vielversprechend herausgestellt. Anwender berichten im Allgemeinen von guten Resultaten mit einer spürbaren Erhöhung von Libido, Kraft und sogar Aggression. Bisher sind keine Nebenwirkungen von DAA bekannt.



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Directions for DAA Polyhydrate

Take 1 scoop (3g) per day with food. Use for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks followed by a 4 week break.



This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product. Consult with your health care provider before using this product, especially if you are taking any prescription, over the counter medication, dietary supplement product or if you have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAO-B inhibitor or any other medication. Discontinue use and immediately consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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