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Creatine Powder - IronMaxx

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Creatine-monohydrate powder – Pure power

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Creatine powder

Creatine-monohydrate powder – Pure power.

Get your basic power-powder in top quality!

Creatine powder is the powerful basic supplement for those of you who take their workout seriously! One of the best-selling nutritional supplements for bodybuilder and athletes. The EFSA* confirms the effect of creatine: During short, intense, physical activity it leads to a boost of physical performance in high-speed strength training starting from a daily dosage of at least 3g! The creatine powder of IronMaxx® amounts to 100 % of highest quality.

 Get your pure creatine power for your best performance!

Apart from essential amino acids, creatine powder from creatine-monohydrate is the ultimate supplement for an effective boost in performance in high-speed training, during your workout and for building up muscles. It is one of the absolutely basic supplements of bodybuilders, martial artists and athletes, whose intensive training requires an increased need. Creatine can mostly be found in meat and fish and supplies your muscles with energy – this much you probably know. However, by cooking and roasting you experience a considerable loss of creatine and its effect is significantly reduced. Those of you who enjoy sushi and raw meat and eat their share clearly have an advantage. Otherwise, an additional supplementing with creatine powder is recommended. Thanks to the IronMaxx® aquasoft-formula, the powder is excellently soluble in water, shakes and juices. The performance enhancing effect sets in when consuming at least 3g a day.

* European Food Safety Authority

*With at least 3 g per day, creatine leads to a boost of physical performance in high-speed strength training during short, intense, physical activity!

Creatine effect and consumption – Are there any risks?

The consumption of our creatine powder is especially effective in high-speed strength because creatine is mostly stored in the white skeletal muscles. White skeletal muscles are in charge of active movements, contract quickly and can perform stronger physical movements, whereas the red skeletal muscles are in charge of enduring motion sequences. Sports- and nutrition experts have revised „recharging“ with creatine and don’t recommend it nowadays. A daily consumption of at least 3g is recommended as the ideal dosage for strength and endurance athletes in order to achieve maximum training success.

Do the effects of creatine-monohydrate come with risks?

Creatine powder is not a prohibited substance and is not, in contrast to some steroids and anabolic agents, registered as a drug on the Prohibited List. It is known as an easily digestible, safe food- and nutritional supplement. Rare side effects include bloating, diarrhea or weight gain.

Product details | Allergy alert

Aspartame free, gelatin free, gluten free, lactose free, no coloring agent, no yeast, no preservatives, no sweeteners, vegan, sugar free. May contain traces of gluten, soy, lactose and egg (chicken).

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Take 1 serving 30 minutes each and as soon as possible after training. On training-free days, one serving of Creabolikum should be taken just before breakfast and just before dinner.

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